Canvas Prints & Commissions

We can matte your photographs, or give us your photographs and we will print them on full color, high quality canvas using UV resistant inks to resist cracking and fading. Canvas service includes editing, balancing, color enhancing and repair / cleanup.

Canvas most popular sizes:

12x16 $79.95     16x20 $99.95     20x30 $169.95

Matte most popular sizes:

4x6 (to 5x7) $6.95     5x7 (to 8x10) $9.95     8x10 (to 11x14) $13.95

Other Services

 Showcase your business with style and create a unique focal point which will catch your customers and clients attention. Choose any subject you desire including business products, landscapes, local landmarks, businesses and more and we will photograph, edit and print your chosen image on high quality canvas in a range of sizes.
Perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms and offices. Printed using only the highest quality UV resistant inks to prevent cracking and fading.
Very popular among business owners, proudly display a large format canvas of your premises. Give it a twist with HDR (High Dynamic Range) at no extra charge.

Most popular sizes:

16x20 $319.95
20x30 $379.95

Price includes shoot and full color canvas.

Photo Restorations

Film Developing, and  Negative & Slide Scanning

Mattes & Canvas Prints

Zenith Studios - 2017 Lux Winner

 Full restoration service. Your treasured photographs are scanned in ultra high resolution and professionally repaired using the latest techniques. We can repair stains, tears, blotches, creases and even recreate missing areas.
We can also convert sepia to black & white and vice versa. Choose from a variety of options from a basic print all the way to a professionally printed large format canvas.

Photo Restorations From $24.95

 We can develop 35mm & 120 B&W negatives in house. We can also scan Slides, 35mm & 120 negatives, and convert to a digital file. All scans come with basic repairs including scratch and dust removal. Save those old memories before they are lost forever. 

35mm & 120 film developing $16.95 (Includes small scans, no prints)

Slide scanning.
$4.95 1st slide. Additional Slides $1.95 Each.

Negative scanning.

35mm Negative Roll $14.95
120 Negative Roll$14.95